301 Lamartine

Ugarte is a complex man who dreams of leaving behind the toxicity of everyday life. With forty years old and the youngest of his children in his charge, he takes refuge in a simple day by day. Soon he will dedicate his existence to the don whose interpretation he had been relegating from so long ago.

Touching old age, influenced by the secrets, the prejudices and contradictions of those who have surrounded him during the years dedicated to his don, Ugarte put in doubt its precious quality. Agitated by the reunion with Rome, on a trip to the Ribera that every two or three years his boy gives him, the remarkable life that he believes he has built begins to arouse deep and contradictory doubts.

301 Lamartine is part of the project Under the Mexican Light, integrated in addition by the books Under the Mexican Light – Photo Book and Notebook /Mexico.

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301 Lamartine
© 2018 Óscar Espinar lázaro

Cover photo: Lamartine, Ciudad de México
© 2015 Óscar Espinar Lázaro

Collection Design: Valentín Iglesias

OEL 06
ISBN: 978-1540360670

September 2018