Notebook /Mexico

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The photographs that appear in this book were taken in Mexico between 2015 and 2018. A slow journey without expectations, but with images that inspire, that propose issues developed later in the novel 301 Lamartine.

I have tried to be an attentive observer, to understand their daily life without falling into false judgments, to deepen their customs without comparing them with the society from which I came. Notes inspired by the reality found, sometimes sought, always from the other side of the objective, protected from a reality that is not mine. Only then can I understand the result of the Notebook /Mexico.

Five artists share this voyage with me. Each one, as a curator, makes his own photographic selection with which he creates a personal proposal that is shown in this volume in full.

This work is complemented by the novel 301 Lamartine and the book of photography Under the Mexican Light – Photo Book.

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November 2018