Stops along the way

April 2021
Published the novel The foreign vowels.

July 2019
«Como unas vocales extranjeras que delimitaran el nuevo lenguaje por donde se debe transitar, inseguro, sin la certeza de lo que se pronuncia». From the novel The foreign vowels.

November 2018
Published Notebook /Mexico with which the project Under the Mexican Light ends.

September 2018
Published the novel 301 Lamartine. Its protagonist, a complex man who dreams of leaving behind the toxicity of everyday life, will dedicate his existence to the interpretation of his don.

March 2018
The development of Exquisite Corpse begins, an application capable of generating automatic responses based on the books My life on the ground and The smallest woman.

December 2017
The second edition of Under the Mexican light – Photo Book is published.

March 2017
What the winter left us, a walk with Harold, an artist who has decided to live free (text in Spanish).

February 2017
Shadows of the Peloponnese, the journey with Madam Halia through the mountains of southwestern Greece (text in Spanish).

December 2016
Finised the first part of the project Under the Mexican Light: Under the Mexican Light – Photo Book.

March 2016
The project Under the Mexican Light begins.

November 2015
Photographs of the first part of The smallest woman.

November 2015
The smallest woman is published, a novel about everyday madness and its consequences.

September 2015
New photographic series: So predictable New York.

August 2015
The novel My life on the ground (2012) and the story book Oops! (2014) are published.

July 2015
Cleaning the rain, a rainy day in the spring of Buenos Aires.

July 2014
Colored wood, when walking through a forest becomes boring.