Under the Mexican Light – Photo Book

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This photography book is part of the Under the Mexican Light project. The volume presents a unique and largely unknown culture, full of topics inherited from the biased vision that, particularly the Spanish and American media, show about Mexican reality. A complex society that in many ways is not too far from the time of its revolution or the Spanish conquest. Mexico is a land of contrasts, huge, excessive. Words like life and death, tradition and modernity, religion, culture or gastronomy have a much more complex, deep and entrenched meaning than the absurd presumption where the country is linked only to corruption, poverty or violence.

This work is complemented by the novel 301 Lamartine and the Notebook /Mexico, a photographic journey shared with artists from different disciplines (painters, sculptors, writers, filmmakers and photographers) residing in Brussels, a city that articulates a strong link between they.

Second edition available here…

December 2016
December 2017